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The IACUE, International Association for College and University Education, is a non-profit organization whose main aim is the stimulation and facilitation of the internationalization of higher education around the world, and to meet the professional needs of individuals active in international education.  Honor society membership for academic excellence in a higher education discipline is one of the most cherished tributes that a graduate can receive from his/her institution.  IACUE is a primary national voice for voluntary accreditation and quality assurance to the international education society and a primary national voice for voluntary accreditation to the general public, opinion leaders, students and families.

The IACUE is an association of international education professionals. It is a multi-sectoral organization made up of individual and corporate members. The IACUE represents members from all education sectors (public and private) - university, vocational education, schools and English language - as well as from government and commercial organizations.

The IACUE has been established to serve the needs and interests of the large number of individuals working in international education across all education sectors, to encourage informed and ethical professional practice among members, and to promote international education to governments, education organizations and within the community.

Existing groups and structures have advanced international education in a variety of ways, for particular purposes and with considerable success. The field has benefited by the policy and operational inputs of governments and their instrumentalities, peak bodies, corporate and commercial interests in all sectors.

There is, however, a critical need to serve the professional interests of the thousands of individuals at various levels, and with widely different professional responsibilities and experience, working in international education across all education sectors. The needs of individual professionals are best served by a broadly-based, member-oriented, member-driven association, whose role should complement and through appropriate alliances, facilitate the work of other groups and bodies within the international education field.

IACUE is an association and includes individuals in all education sectors and at all levels, in institutions, in government and elsewhere, who are active or interested in international education.  This includes individuals involved in executive/senior management, marketing, student support, study abroad, student exchange, admissions, and teaching and learning. It includes international membership and relates to counterpart international associations.

IACUE aims to work in close collaboration with governments and their instrumentalities, industry peak bodies, corporate and commercial interests.

IACUE Mission

�P         Promoting closer educational relations between the people of different countries.

�P         Strengthening and linking institutions of higher learning globally.

�P         Building leadership skills and enhancing the capacity of individuals and organizations to address local and global challenges.

�P         To meet the professional needs of individuals active in the field and bring together fellow professionals worldwide in all aspects of international education.

IACUE Offers

The IACUE strives to link international education professionals together in order to help create a global environment where there is mobility and education for all.  In order to facilitate this, the IACUE works to aid in the professional development of internationalizes and to ensure that important information is not only disseminated, but that there is an increased awareness about critical issues so that they can be debated in order to come to mutual understandings.

Professional development is tackled by offering various training courses, seminars, professional development modules and executive forums throughout the year, disseminating important issues via publications, providing an important forum with the services on-line, and most importantly by creating an atmosphere for learning, debate, and networking at the annual conference. The IACUE, with its professional sections and special interest groups, ensures that adequate attention is paid to the more specific topics that concern IACUE members as well as the general topics challenging the international higher education arena.

IACUE Director

George Reiff
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