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IACUE has served colleges, universities, accrediting organizations, students and society in following ways:


IACUE is a major national voice for accreditation to the public, consistently making the case for accreditation as a system of successful private sector self-regulation of higher education.  IACUE is a forceful and persistent advocate for accreditation with many international education institutions in its work with accrediting organizations. IACUE provides ongoing service to students, the general public and the press to influence and inform their thinking about the value of accreditation.


IACUE assures the quality of accrediting organizations, scrutinizing these operations for their effectiveness in advancing academic quality and serving higher education, students and the public. Through its Recognition Policy and Procedures, IACUE holds institutional and programmatic accreditors responsible for meeting IACUE standards of quality. Additionally, the IACUE award for outstanding institutional practice in student learning outcomes provides for the recognition of leadership in meeting current accountability challenges.


IACUE providing profiles and analyses of accreditation practices, policies and emerging issues.  Through its print and electronic publications, IACUE provides authoritative and reliable information at the national level about accreditation operation, accomplishments and impact. Through its database of institutions and programs accredited by recognized accrediting organizations, IACUE maintains the most comprehensive web-based compilation of accredited institutions and programs.


IACUE is routinely in the forefront of the latest developments in higher education that affect accreditation, including distance learning, student learning outcomes and international quality assurance. IACUE has also played a national leadership role in taking on the challenges of degree and accreditation mills that threaten legitimate higher education, students and society.


IACUE supports and strengthens the role of accreditation in maintaining the core academic values of higher education - commitments to institutional autonomy, academic freedom and institutional mission. These are the essential characteristics that have driven the success of higher education.  Positioned at the intersection of institutional and accreditation interests, IACUE plays a key role in keeping the importance of core academic values before these communities through publications, meetings and research. 


IACUE serves as a major national and international forum for communication and exchange among accrediting organizations, institutions and programs.  IACUE conferences, workshops and meetings bring together key actors in accreditation and higher education from around the world. IACUE has extended this forum to embrace new and sometimes challenging issues vital to the future success of higher education.


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